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12 Printable Bookmarks

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Do you love reading good books, but you’re always losing your place? Is your book collection full of dog-eared pages? Bookmarks can be lifesavers for avid readers, but they are also easy to misplace, so they never seem to be around when you need them.

Plus, plenty of book lovers prefer to customize their reading experiences with bookmarks matching their interests or mood. What’s the answer? Printable bookmarks that can be downloaded immediately.

Can you print a bookmark?

Where do you find bookmarks that are attractive and suitable for various personalities? It’s not like these inexpensive tools are on the shelves of every store, plus who wants to spend more than a few dollars on a colorful slip of card stock? Fortunately, you can print your own bookmarks from inexpensive or even free templates available online.

Benefits of Printable Bookmarks

What’s so great about printable bookmarks? There are many reasons to love printing bookmark templates for business or personal use, including:

Useful – Never lose your place again while reading even the most complicated text. Just mark your ending spot with a printable bookmark.
Affordable – Printable bookmarks are not only inexpensive but there even are free printable bookmarks available to download. Plus, many bookmark templates are sold in bundles, so you get several designs for the price of one.
Marketing Tool – Looking for an inexpensive yet useful item to give your loyal customers? Printable bookmarks are a great marketing tool, and often they can be customized with a company logo for a free gift that boosts brand awareness.
Giveable – By purchasing a downloadable bookmark template, you can create and print a unique but memorable gift that any bookworm surely will love.
Simple and convenient – No matter what your purpose for bookmark templates is, they are simple to print and convenient to use. It’s no worry if you misplace one, you can just print another at no additional cost.

12 Attractive and Functional Printable Bookmarks You Can Download Today

It’s easy to grow overwhelmed by the sheer variety of printable bookmarks available to download from the web. The huge selection available from website retailers like Etsy includes bookmarks for kids, fun bookmarks, bookmarks for students in the classroom at school, cute bookmarks, bookmarks to color with crayons or colored pencils and even bookmark templates made for adults.

We’ve simplified the printable bookmark shopping process for our readers by choosing some of the best templates available from Etsy, including:

1. Cute Printable Bookmarks

It’s hard to browse for printable bookmarks without finding plenty of cute options. These baby animal bookmarks not only are cute, but they also are affordable in bundles of multiple designs for one low price.

2. Harry Potter Bookmarks Printable

What school-aged kid isn’t a Harry Potter fan these days? These colorful printable bookmarks are sold in bundles with multiple designs sure to please any student of wizardry and their friends. Just buy the link to the bookmark templates, download the file to your computer and print bookmarks for the classroom.

3. Printable Animal Bookmarks

Any animal lover who also enjoys a good book will love these vivid printable bookmarks with beautiful zoological designs. It’s super easy to create these attractive bookmarks by printing them from your computer to give as a gift.

4. Floral Bookmark Printable

No matter your reason for purchasing printable bookmarks, these beautiful templates filled with floral designs are sure to please. Once you purchase the printable template, simply follow the accompanying instructions to print these eye-catching bookmarks from your computer.

5. Printable Nature Themed Bookmarks

A variety of nature-themed bookmark designs are available from Etsy, including this simple yet attractive template featuring a wooded mountainscape. You might consider customizing this template with your company logo, and once printed these printable bookmarks make outstanding gifts.

6. Coloring Bookmarks Printables

If there’s anything kids love more than reading, it’s coloring pictures with crayons and colored pencils. These printable bookmark templates featuring colorable designs are sure to be a crowd-pleaser in the classroom or as a gift for the special kid in anyone’s life.

7. Printable Bookmarks for Children

Colorable bookmarks aren’t the only printable option perfect for children. Whether they are designed with adorable baby animals, colorful art or beloved animated characters, there are printable bookmarks for any child, including these fun designs with inspirational sayings.

8. Printable Religious Bookmarks

Are you in search of the perfect gift for a faithful loved one? You can find a variety of religion-themed bookmarks to print on Etsy. This particular bundle of bookmark templates features Biblical verses sure to inspire a Christian bibliophile.

9. Printable Bookmarks for Book Lovers

What makes a better printable bookmark for a book lover than one designed with fun adages about the joys of reading? This bundle of printable bookmark templates features several bookmark templates, each with its own inspirational saying.

10. Zodiac Printable Bookmark Collection

Zodiac symbols represent another option for unique printable bookmark designs. Not only is each traditional sign popular among scads of people born in the corresponding month, but by purchasing this 12-pack of printable bookmarks, you are sure to have an option for absolutely everyone at no extra cost.

11. Women in History Bookmark Templates

If you’re looking for printable bookmarks to inspire your students – or if you’re a lover of women’s history yourself – then you won’t want to miss out on this inspirational assortment of bookmark templates featuring some of the all-time most historic women.

12. Printable Book Tracker Bookmarks

This set of printable bookmarks from Etsy can make one of the most creative gifts for the classroom or the special book lover in everyone’s life. What sets this bundle of bookmark templates apart? They serve a dual purpose. Not only do these printables save the page like a traditional bookmark, but their design also allows the user to track their reading accomplishments.

How do you make a printable bookmark?

What’s the best way to easily create homemade bookmarks? Sure, you could design your own from scratch using any variety of software programs, but it’s a lot easier to just find a printable bookmark template online, download the design and print it yourself.

How do you make a printable bookmark? Just follow these simple steps:

1. Purchase your printable bookmark template or request your free printable bookmark.

2. Select the link that is either emailed to your inbox or available in your browser on the purchase site to download the template file.

3. Open the downloaded file using the appropriate software on your computer. This might be a simple word-processing program or an image-editing application.

4. Make any edits or customizations to the design.

5. Print your bookmarks using regular printer paper or card stock. Cut out each individual bookmark, laminate them if you choose, and they are ready to use!

What kind of paper is best for printing bookmarks?

While you are welcome to use regular printer paper for your printable bookmarks, the thicker paper will make your bookmarks more durable. Still, you don’t want heavy card stock, either. Paper between 150 and 250 gsm is perfect for bookmarks, but you also want to note the finish. There’s no need for additional finishes with recycled or natural paper, but coated paper might be more effective when laminated.

Is there a printable bookmark template in Word?

If you want to create your own homemade bookmarks, you can find a printable bookmark template in Word. With Word’s bookmark template, you can personalize your own bookmark design, making it as unique as your imagination allows.

What is the standard bookmark size?

Of course, you are free to create printable bookmarks in any size that your printer and materials allow, but most people choose the standard bookmark size. The most common dimensions for bookmarks are 2 inches wide by either 6, 7 or 8 inches long. Some bookmarks, however, are as much as 2.5 inches wide.

Can you download free printable bookmarks?

Sure you can purchase a plethora of printable bookmarks from all sorts of e-commerce sellers, but you also can save money by downloading free printable bookmarks. Free bookmarks often can be customized the same as their for-sale counterparts, and they are just as efficient at marking pages. Looking for free printable bookmarks online? You’re a simple Google search away from more options than you could imagine.

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