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Facebook and Instagram Announce More Monetization Options

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Facebook and Instagram are introducing several updates to their platforms, aimed at providing creators with more avenues to earn money. These updates include a new holiday bonus, expanded subscription options, and enhanced advertising opportunities, demonstrating Meta’s commitment to supporting the creative community.

Holiday Bonus for Creators

A notable introduction is the holiday bonus program on Instagram, an invite-only feature targeting creators in the United States, South Korea, and Japan. This bonus incentivizes creators for their engagement through reels and photo views, rewarding their creativity and audience reach. The program, referred to as the year-end bonus in South Korea and Japan, runs until the end of the year and is contingent on adherence to Content Monetization Policies.

Over 1 Million Instagram Subscriptions

Instagram has seen a significant milestone with over 1 million active subscriptions to creators on the platform. The subscription model, which offers exclusive content and experiences, recently expanded to 35 additional countries. To aid creators in growing their subscriber base, Instagram has introduced tools like prominently displayed Subscribe buttons in Feed and streamlined communication channels for welcoming new subscribers.

Success Stories and Fee Waivers

Creators like Maddison Noel and Kimberley Haberly have leveraged Instagram Subscriptions to foster deeper connections with their audience and generate substantial monthly incomes. Importantly, Meta is currently waiving subscription fees on both Instagram and Facebook, promising a six-month notice to creators before any changes to this policy.

Facebook Subscription Enhancements

On Facebook, the subscription service is being extended to more creators, along with new features like free 30-day trials and more control over subscription pricing. The integration of subscription options into Reels and Stories broadens the scope for creators to monetize their content and build their subscriber communities.

Instagram Gifts Expansion

Instagram gifts, another monetization avenue, allows creators to receive support from fans through virtual gifts. This feature has been expanded to include more countries, with eligibility criteria including a professional account, being over 18 years old, meeting partner monetization policies, and having at least 5,000 followers.

Facebook Seasonal Virtual Gifts and Ads Participation

Facebook is introducing seasonal virtual gifts and challenges for creators to engage with their audience during the festive season. Additionally, the platform is streamlining the process for creators to participate in ads, especially in Instagram Stories, enhancing their ability to earn through brand partnerships.

Meta’s Continued Support for Creators

These updates reflect Meta’s ongoing efforts to provide diverse monetization options for creators. By offering a suite of products that allow creators to earn from fans, brands, and Meta itself, the company aims to cater to the varied needs of creators at different stages of their journey.

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