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Implement These Expert Tips and Tools to Recession-Proof Your Business

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Implementing the right tools and systems can make a huge impact on your business – especially during tough economic times. Read on for the top tech tools, trends, and processes that have helped members of the online small business community navigate various challenges.

Use the Right Business Software to Stay Afloat During a Recession

Recessions impact businesses in numerous ways. But the tools and systems you have in place when tough times hit can help you navigate the challenges. In this Process Street post, Anna Mazur details the types of software to integrate into your operations now.

Track Online Traffic Sources with These WordPress Plugins

Understanding your online traffic sources can help you better leverage the strategies that are working for your business. But how can you quickly track what’s bringing traffic to your site? Ben Sibley shares several WordPress plugins that can help in this Compete Themes post. And BizSugar members commented on the post here.

Understand Recent Cybercrime Statistics

Cyber attacks are on the rise and can devastate small businesses. Understanding the current landscape may help you mitigate some of the risks and choose the right tools to combat them. Check out this Small Biz Viewpoints post by Harry and Sally Vaishnav for more.

Watch Out for These KPIs When Measuring Content Marketing ROI

Content marketing can bring huge returns for small businesses. But if you want to measure the actual results of your content, you need to know what key performance indicators to look for. This Level343 post by Gabriella Sannino includes several.

Learn What It Takes to Create a Successful App

What to create a successful app for your small business? Start by asking the right questions. In this ISHIR post, Praveen Kumar outlines several questions you might have about the process and what it takes.

Find the Best Social Media Tools for Your Business

Zoho Social is one of the top names in social media management tools. But there are several other options with compelling features as well. In this Blogging Wizard post, Nicola Bleu goes over some top options. Once you’ve read, head over to the BizSugar community to join the conversation.

Be Smart About Franchising in This AI Era

Artificial intelligence is providing tons of new tools for businesses. But it can also make it easier for those without extensive knowledge of a topic to mislead their readers. In this post on The Franchise King blog, Joel Libava dives into how this can impact the franchising industry and what to do about it.

Follow the Leading E-commerce Development Trends

If you’re entering the e-commerce space this year, it’s important to understand the most relevant trends of the industry. To learn more about the current trends and how they might impact your new business, read this CLLAX post by Arjun Solanki.

Effectively Manage Your Data

Data is an asset for small businesses. So you need the right tools and processes in place to organize, protect, and access it. In this Aggua post, Eyal Katz goes over a few essential data management tips for businesses.

Integrate ChatGPT into Your Business

ChatGPT is making waves in many industries, introducing an easy way to integrate AI technology. The ways that each business chooses to integrate this technology might look a little different. So check out this WeblineIndia post by Atul Mehta for insights on integrating this tool.

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Implementing the right tools and systems can make a huge impact on your business. Below are expert tips and tools to recession-proof your business.Read MoreSmall Business FinanceSmall Business Trends

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