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In the News: Grants of Up To $10,000 For Small Business Owners

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Supporting small businesses is extremely important for thriving communities. Grants offer a lifeline to these enterprises, providing badly needed funds to foster innovation, create jobs, and drive local economic growth. Investing in small business grants empowers entrepreneurs, strengthens community ties, and lays the foundation for a prosperous future. Encourage local initiatives and watch communities flourish.

Small business grants can be a valuable resource for small businesses of all sizes and industries. If you are looking for ways to start, grow, or recover your small business make sure to always keep a look out for local, state, and national grants available to you.

Grant Programs and Writing Workshops Aim to Help Underserved Business Owners

Small business grants can boost local economies and help entrepreneurs succeed, especially in underserved communities. This week, new grants and support programs were launched to help these businesses thrive.

Small Business News October 20, 2023

If you are affected by the terrorist attacks on Israel, the IRS is offering tax relief by pushing different tax deadlines from October 7, 2023, to October 7, 2024. There is also news about the upcoming holiday shopping season, further integration of AI in Canva with Magic Studio, and Zoom enhancing its customer experience suite for small businesses. For that and more read the rest of this week’s roundup.

IRS Offers Tax Relief to Businesses and Individuals Affected by Israel Terrorist Attacks

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced a significant tax relief measure for small businesses that have been adversely affected by the recent terrorist attacks in Israel. The IRS, in its move to support taxpayers grappling with the after-effects of these attacks, has pushed various tax deadlines from October 7, 2023, to October 7, 2024.

U.S. Holiday Shoppers Undeterred by Economic Challenges

A recent Shopify-Gallup Holiday Shopping Pulse has revealed some encouraging insights for retailers, especially small business owners gearing up for the holiday season. This as the U.S. faces economic challenges such as rising interest rates and inflation, The survey, conducted among 1,761 U.S.

The Multimillion-Dollar COVID-19 Relief Fraud

Five men from Texas pleaded guilty to fraudulent activities surrounding the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), a relief measure established under the CARES Act to support businesses during the pandemic.

Massive COVID-19 Relief Fraud Ring Leader Jailed

At a time when genuine businesses were grappling with the economic fallout of COVID-19, Amir Aqeel and his associates were engrossed in masterminding a massive fraud scheme to swindle the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

How Congressman Adam Smith Got Over Chronic Pain and Anxiety

I am always thankful when a public figure comes out and talks about a painful journey they have had, especially when it comes to mental health and trying to navigate our broken American health system. This is important because I have shared my own mental health journey frequently to help other small business owners who encounter a similar path when building their company.

Ohio Small Business Owner Faces Federal Charges Over Alleged Illegal Gambling Operations and Tax Fraud

Steven Saris, an entrepreneur from Canton, Ohio, finds himself at the center of a significant federal investigation involving illegal gambling businesses (IGBs), tax evasion, and a slew of other charges. This development might serve as a cautionary tale for small business owners about the consequences of flouting legal and fiscal responsibilities.

Magic Studio by Canva Unleashes the Power of AI in Design

Canva just announced its latest groundbreaking product – Magic Studio. This platform promises to harness the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), offering a number of features aimed at simplifying the design process.

Koala Inspector Online ShopSpy Lets You Really See Shopify Stores

For small business owners operating on the Shopify platform, understanding the competition’s strategies can provide an invaluable edge. This is now more achievable than ever with the introduction of the Koala Inspector Online ShopSpy app, available in the Semrush App Center.

Email Signature Generator App is a Revolution in Professional Email Communication

The Semrush App Center is rolling out its latest offering, the Email Signature Generator App, to properly address email communication with a signature. For small business owners, freelancers, and professionals, the concluding part of an email, the signature, often serves as a digital handshake.

Zoom’s Enhanced Customer Experience Suite for Your Small Business

Zoom unveiled a new range of enhancements to its Customer Experience (CX) suite at Zoomtopia 2023, with a particular focus on aiding small businesses in strengthening their customer relationships.

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