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Market Your Business With These National Days In May 2023

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May is full of holidays and celebrations that may benefit businesses in their marketing efforts. From Mother’s Day to Memorial Day, read on for a full guide of National Days in May that may apply to your company’s goals.

Why You Should Market Your Business in May

There are plenty of reasons to promote your business this month. Here are some specific reasons why May is the ideal time to market a small business:

Take advantage of changing seasons: Warmer weather in much of the country can open up opportunities to sell various products, from garden gear to summer clothing.
Promote unique gift options: There are several gift-giving occasions in May, including Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Day.
Connect with those looking to support small businesses: Small Business Week takes place in May, which is an ideal opportunity to position your brand favorably.
Offer travel-related specials: Memorial Day is a popular time for travel, which could benefit tourism and hospitality businesses.
Tie your offerings into other May holidays: There are even more national days in May that may tie into your offerings. See below for a full list.

National Days in May

From Mother’s Day to Cinco de Mayo, there are tons of holidays in May that may apply to your small business. Here’s a full list.

1st May – May Day

May Day is an ancient tradition that marks the beginning of summer. This could be an opportunity for promoting summer-themed items.

2nd May – International Harry Potter Day and National Teacher Appreciation Day

International Harry Potter Day could be relevant to bookstores or shops with branded merchandise. While businesses may promote small gift items for National Teacher Appreciation Day.

4th May – Star Wars Day and National Self-Employed Day

May the Fourth is known as Star Wars Day, so it’s an ideal day to express your fandom on social media. You can also post tips or helpful information about self-employment for self-employed day.

5th May – Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico’s victory at the Battle of Puebla. Mexican restaurants and similar businesses often host special events.

6th May – National Fitness Day and National Comic Book Day

Health-related businesses can post helpful tips in honor of national fitness day. And bookstores can host events or offer sales for National Comic Book Day.

10th May – National Small Business Day

Celebrate small businesses in your community or share information about your own company on National Small Business Day.

14th May – Mother’s Day

Promote gift items and special events throughout the month leading up to Mother’s Day.

15th May – National Chocolate Chip Day

Chocolate Chip Day is the perfect opportunity to post recipes or offer specials or endcaps that utilize this popular ingredient.

17th May – National Cherry Cobbler Day

This is another ideal opportunity for recipes and food-related content.

19th May – National Devil’s Food Cake Day and National Pizza Party Day

Host a pizza party or offer cake in the office to recognize employees or loyal customers.

20th May – National Armed Forces Day and National Rescue Dog Day

Armed Forces Day gives businesses the opportunity to show their support. On National Rescue Dog Day, you can post opportunities to adopt pets or share tips to help new dog owners.

29th May – Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, so it’s ideal for promoting items like barbecue supplies, gardening tools, and pool toys.

National Weeks in May You Won’t Want to Miss

Some May celebrations require more than a single day. Here are several weekly observances that you can create marketing campaigns around.

1-5 May – National Teacher Appreciation Week

Call attention to top teachers in your community or offer specials on gift items.

3-9 May – National Nurses Week

This is another gift-giving occasion or opportunity to recognize these important workers.

7-13 May – National Pet Week

Post content related to pet care or opportunities to adopt pets in your area.

7-13 May – National Small Business Week

Post educational content for businesses or call attention to your own company.

11-17 May – Brain Injury Awareness Week

This week could be relevant to certain health businesses like neurology clinics. Post tips or helpful information online.

14-20 May – National Women’s Health Week

This is a more general health-related holiday that fitness trainers, dietitians, and medical clinics can create content around.

15-21 May – National Bike to Work Week

Offer incentives for those who bike to work, or bike shops could offer specials or unique content.

21-27 May – National EMS Week

Show appreciation for these important professionals.

22-28 May – National Safe Sun Week

Post tips or offer specials on protective products.

May Monthly Holidays to Remember

May is also a time for select month-long observances, including Mental Health Awareness Month, National Photography Month, and more. Here’s what you should know about these monthly celebrations.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Offer mental health tips or post resources online.

National Salad Month

Food businesses and recipe bloggers can offer recipes or other online content related to salads.

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

Start new health initiatives to encourage employees to remain active and healthy.

National Photography Month

Photographers and galleries can celebrate this month with specials on photos or sessions.


What Special Days are in May?

There are many special days throughout May, including May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day. See the list above for even more national days.

What National Days are in May 2023?

The list above includes many national days in May 2023, including National Small Business Day, National Chocolate Chip Day, and National Comic Book Day.

How Can ‘National Small Business Day’ Help My Business?

National Small Business Day is an opportunity to celebrate small businesses. You can access educational resources online or at special events throughout the country. Or you could use the holiday to position your business as a small, independent brand.

What Should A Small Business Post On Social Media In May?

May is an ideal time to post about spring or any number of May holidays. See the full list above.

How Can You Promote Your Business In May Holidays?

Start by checking the list above for holidays and observances that are relevant to your business. Then create marketing campaigns that tie into those days. This may include social media posts, special events, email newsletters, or holiday sales.

What Date is Mother’s Day in 2023?

Mother’s Day 2023 is scheduled for May 14.

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