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Spotlight: Ecosense Offers a High Tech Solution to Protect People from Cancer

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Motivation is key in any business. So founders with a personal connection to their mission often work hard toward their goals. Such is the case for Ecosense.

The company’s founder launched the radon detection company after losing a friend to cancer. Read about the founder’s story and the company’s unique mission in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers radon monitoring technology.

Founder and CEO Insoo Park told Small Business Trends, “Ecosense develops and provides innovative consumer- and professional-grade radon detection and monitoring devices that are based on patented technology, as well as software solutions for monitoring radon levels.”

Business Niche

Providing professional equipment that’s easy to use.

Park says, “According to our customers’ reviews, our radon monitors are life savers. At the consumer level, customers praise Ecosense products for working faster and providing more accurate results than any other device, including expensive professional devices. At the same time, Ecosense monitors are very intuitive and easy to use. Professionals rely on our professional-grade products and services because these products — particularly our software monitoring solutions — increase their productivity, guide and facilitate their decision-making process with ease, and ultimately save them time, money, and energy.”

How the Business Got Started

To honor a friend and help others.

Park lost his best friend to cancer in 2017. So he teamed up with Dr. JJ Koh, an industry expert in DSP technology, to develop a new radon sensor that could protect people from lung cancer. Park spent two and a half years studying the market and developing Ecosense before taking it full time in 2019.

Biggest Win

Receiving two major awards.

Park says, “Ecosense’s biggest win to date was being awarded two best industry awards — CES Innovation Award and TIME’s 100 Best Invention Award in a row in 2021 — for its EcoQube product.”

Biggest Risk

Introducing products at a higher price point.

Park explains, “When we first began offering our products on Amazon in 2020, we decided to sell RadonEye, which is one of our best-selling products, and EcoQube, our award-winning monitoring device, at prices that were 20 percent higher than what our competitors charged for their products. We justified our higher pricing by providing faster support response time and better support quality than what our competitors provided. It took some time for our consumers to understand the added value that our products provided, but they eventually caught on.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Growing the team.

Park adds, “We are always on the lookout for bright and talented people. We’d love to use those funds to bring in a great addition to the team.”

What Sets the Team Apart

Buying into the mission.

Park says, “The majority of the members of our staff are not only shareholders but also investors. We all believe in the products and services we provide.”

Favorite Quote

“Find your moment and enjoy the moment.”

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Image: Ecosense, Insoo Park

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Ecosense offers a high-tech solution to protect people from cancer with radon detection technology after losing a friend to cancer.Read MoreBusiness Success StoriesSmall Business Trends

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